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kith_icontest's Journal

Kids in the Hall Icon Contest
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Welcome to the Kids in the Hall Icon Contest Community!

This community is just getting started, so I'm not sure how well it will work out. First things first, anyone is welcome to join, regardless of experience making icons. This community is going to depend solely on the participation of its members. I want to make it as flexible as possible so that people will participate, but I also want to stay on a fairly regular schedule. I'd like input from members as to what type of schedule/contest themes you'd like. If the community starts to do well, I'll post polls to see what people would like.

If you are thinking of participating, but are unsure of your skills, there are many communities that can help you. The first place I would start is icon_tutorial.

That's all for now, hopefully people will join, and we can get started with the challenges.